Professional 1/2 Inch Adjustable Drive Torque Angle Gauge

  • 1/2" Dr. Tools And Comes With An Easy To Read Dial Calibrated In Degrees

  • 1/2" Inch Drive Torque Angle Gauge

  • 1/2" Male And Female Square Drive

  • 360 degree scale is marked at 2 degree increments & intervals of 10 degree and 30 degree.

  • Adjustable arm keeps the angle scale stationary.

  • Holding Rod To Make Sure The Gauge Is In Position During Use.

  • Easy To Read Dial.

  • Calibrated In Degrees.

  • The arm has two lengths for additional flexibility in placement against components

  • Easy disassembly for cleaning - just unclip the retaining ring

  • Interface color is random(black/Silver)  

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