Motorcycles Pair Fog Light flashing light bright LED


[light color]: yellow (low beam) / white (high beam) / flash (white)
[product power]: 60W (single)
[waterproof grade]: IP67
[product color temperature]: 5000-6000k
[light range]: 300m
[light mode]: high beam, low beam and flash

[product features]: aluminum alloy material, long service life, low energy consumption, low light attenuation, IP67 waterproof, fast heat dissipation, convenient installation, non-destructive installation and instant lighting
[light adjustment]: the blue button controls the high and low beams (press the low beam once, and then the high beam); the red button controls the flash and left and right flashes (press the flash button, and then press the left and right flash). You need to start the engine to turn on the light. Press the blue button for 2 seconds to turn off


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