Motorcycle Cover 210t Sizes M-4XL Waterproof Uv Protector Bike


This motorcycle protective cover can provide all-season protection for your motorcycle, and also has convenient functions, such as elastic hem, and the included storage bag makes using the protective cover as easy as possible. The protective sleeve is an ideal accessory to protect the motorcycle from various weather.


1. The use of advanced silver-plated polyester taffeta 210T material, the material has strong toughness, UV resistance, sun protection and dust prevention. Car body comes with reflective strips, which is safer
2. The bottom of the cover is made of elastic band with a windproof buckle, which can be firmly fixed. Don't worry about the wind lifting the cover. It is convenient, fast, compact and easy to carry. It is more user-friendly than the traditional lock or rope design.
3. Metal anti-theft lock hole, durable, anti-rust, more secure when used with anti-theft lock,
4. Especially suitable for large temperature changes, no aging in cold environment for a long time, can well prevent burning sun, and provide excellent protection for motorcycles. No longer suffer from the heat of the mat.
5. The silver-plated layer can reflect the high intensity of ultraviolet rays and can block the depreciation of ultraviolet rays on motorcycles.
6. Protect the motorcycle from sunlight, water, birds, trees, dust and dirt.
7. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
8. Suitable for all kinds of motorcycles, electric bicycles, household equipment, etc.

Package includes: 1 x motorcycle rain cover 1 x cloth bag

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